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Merry Christmas!


Christmas patch changes

- The Snowman boss will be spawned in warzone every 4 hours and it drops valuable loot plus a snowman heart that gives Arctic Unicron mount.

- Santa Claus is back with the same items that was offered in the previous year, but now Santa Claus can give you a task and you will be rewarded with tokens of fortune if you completed the task successfully, The task is to help him to distribute this year rewards by dropping a gift box infront of the doors of 10 houses that will be given for you in a list when you start this task, you can repeat this task as much as you can, and everytime you finish it, you will receive a new token of fortune.

- Added a new NPC called Fortune Master who offers brand new items that were never introduced in the game before, he also sells a scroll that gives siege master outfit, Fortune Master only accepts tokens of fortune that are given when you complete Santa's task, Fortune Master will start selling these items at the end of the celebrations for an accurate pricing.

- All bosses will now drop christmas tokens (won't drop gift boxes), and while hunting any monster there is a probability to receive christmas token OR gift boxes, The gift boxes are needed to be able to perform Santa's little task, So you will need to collect as much as you can to be able to complete alot of tasks.

- Daily double loot rate.

- Added 3 new mounts [Toxic Toad, Marsh Toad, Sanguine Frog], These mounts will appear at one of spider city gates, All you need to do is to try to tame them by attacking them as fast as you can, But keep in mind that one of the taming skills is that your PVP mode to be turned on, There is a chance of failure of taming these mounts and in that case they will instantly disappear, if you succeeded to tame them, your name will be broadcasted and you will get the mount you succeeded to tame, Keep in mind that taming will not succeed unless you are attacking the mount while being directly next to it (1sqm away) otherwise it won't even count.

- If you finished an extra mission during christmas patch, you will receive a rare doll.

- Death stick and weapon's charges will be infinite.

- Legendary medal will give 4 days instead of 3 while VIP Scroll will give 35 days instead of 30.

- Everyone will be able to use the !teleport command.


-  SpiderShop will be offering 15% bonus on points after implementing this patch till 29 of December.

- We will bring back all the previously introduced limited edition items individually with new pricing based on player's demands, The surprise box will also be added with the lowest price.


Posted on: 2018-12-25 17:14:31



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and so begins SAO tibia
Posted on: 2018-12-25 17:39:01 by Ainrie
Sir Blad
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Sir blad
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