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Minor Patch

Minor Client/In-game edits

There is no need to re-download the client just restart the client and it will automatically update, if it didn't work re-download.

Guild Management 

We have added a new guild management system in the client for an easier guild management.


We have added a new in-game tutorials section that will contain all forums tutorials for faster access, Titles of the tutorials will be available with both languages (English & Spanish) 

Client Interface Improvement  

We have added two new icons, one to access the guild management and other to access tutorials section, we have also added (Ability/Spirit) in skills window to show their levels that are in your ruby, plus (Speed) to show your current speed.

In-game Edits

• Spiritual blessing will now depend on your level, the higher level you are the higher price you will pay, even Spider King's offer price will depend on your level.

• Spiritual heart value that you get out of killing someone with spiritual blessing will depend on the price of the bless that the killed player had paid.

• Exura knight/exura pally/utito knight/utito pally now only stays for 1 minute for 20 soul tokens.

• When a hellbrood is killed, the bloodrage/mirage potion is given randomly to one of the killers, the purpose of this edit is to give a chance to those who are unable to upgrade their gaz'haragoth sets to get more potions by just helping in killing the hellbrood without the need to do the highest damage.

• When a gaz'haragoth boss is killed in a mini raid, the gaz'haragoth piece will be given randomly to one of the attackers, and that's actually more fair than a specific player gets 2 pieces or even the 3 pieces every raid just because of "fast hands", while there are some low level players that don't even know what gaz'haragoth boss even drops and they dont even try to loot it.

• Fixed a bug where sets didn't refill in dungeons.

• You can now get a red skull out of 20 frags and a black skull out of 25 frags.

• Slightly decreased weapon attack speed for knights and paladins.

• Slightly nerfed knight's tanking against players and monsters.

• Increased paladin's survivability when receiving damage from players.

• Slightly decreased the overall damage of knights and paladins.

• Slightly decreased death stick damage on all vocations but the damage now depends on your vocation,magic level and level.

• Added a 20 ms delay to knight's healing and slightly decreased the block chance.

Concerning the PVP edits, the purpose is to slow down the pvp a little bit, and this is not our  final list, we will test out these edits in a pvpe event today right after the mini raid so let us know your thoughts for further edits or even reverting back some of these edits, we totally accept complains that sakes for balancing the overall pvp, but we hope that you consider all vocations when complaining not only your vocation.


Posted on: 2019-05-17 11:51:40



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