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Patch #12

Patch #12 Changes

There is no need to re-download the client just restart the client and it will automatically update, if it didn't work re-download.


Starwood Island

What is Starwood island and the purpose of creating it?

• Starwood is a low exp island with real tibia hunting style that is totally isolated from spider city, which means your character there cant even go to spider temple or even meet your spider city character, hunting in starwood is a whole new experience to someone that is always used to high exp hunting and we hope you find it interesting.

• Our purpose of creating starwood is just a new way to get the new content instead of the routine farming of bosses/monsters in spider city, you will need to farm in starwood aswell but it's totally a new hunting experience.

• We will provide the basic information that you will need to know about starwood but everything else is left for exploration.


Basic information about starwood island

• As we mentioned it's a totally isolated island, which means you will have to create a new character on the website with starwood citizenship to get spawned there.

• While creating character your new starwood citizen there is an option to either choose to have a PvP (PvP starts at level 20) or become a non pvp player (that is not willing to pvp and there to get the new content only without any disturbance)

• You get a red skull from 10 frags and a black skull from 15 frags and both cases if you got killed you will lose all your items including your backpack.

 • Starwood only has a one vocation called "citizen of starwood" which is actually similar to "no vocation of rookguard"

• Starwood party system is same as spider one and will give bonus EXP for multiple members.

 • You will not drop your backpack if you are below level 20 even without having an AOL, after level 20 it's possible to drop anything if you don't have an AOL.

• Skill rates are almost similar which means you are not forced to train a certain skill, you can choose depending on the way you like to play and also depending on the items you will loot and if it's worth to improve a certain skill to use these looted items.

• There is no direct attacking spells but mana is used to create spears, royal spears, attacking runes, fishing and farming!

• Your healing option is either purchasing pots or eating food or using the simple "exura" spell.

• You can't create a guild in starwood.

• There are no training monks which means you will depend on monsters to improve your skills or train on a friend incase you both have PvP characters.

• While exploring deep in spawns you might find a quest that gives a piece of a set.

• Starwood is coming with no auto loot option (notification system still works), no auto exiva and without a repeater.

• You can get all the equipment you need from looting/purchasing from a npc/quests.

Starwood NPCs 

Ashin => Buys most of your loot and sells some weapons/set pieces

Hamon => Sells the outfit/mount/deco stuff that you are actually here for, we didn't set the prices yet till we get a chance to analyize the amount of gold that will be in the game.

Hamon will be selling these stuff "as a beginning"

Lion of War outfit

Jousting eagle mount 


Winged backpack 


Baby Unicorn 

Fred => Sells pots and rings that you will definitely need for a stronger hunting.


Kublet =>  Sells all tools that you will need


Jacob =>  In starwood almost every monster drops a unique food and this food is used to fill a basket as shown, Jacob buys a filled basket for some decent cash.

[NOTE]:  Those empty baskets will automatically be added to your backpack while you are hunting, your task is to loot the food that fills them.

Fishing in Starwood

• Looting doesn't cover all type of food that you will need to fill a basket, so fishing is an option.




Farming in Starwood

• Farming will also be a source of unique food that you can't loot aswell. 



Starwood leaderboard

• You can know the top 10 highscore list from the starwood leaderboard in temple. 



Starwood Items Value

Since it's totally a new place and you might not recognize the value of the items you are looting, we added a new client option, which helps in showing the value of the items you have in your backpack or even in a dead corpse, and this option only works for the citizens of starwood.


As you can see there is a colour bar and each colour indicates how rare is an item, the gray colour is the most common while golden one is the most rare, you might find some items without even a gray frame, which means they are useless and Ashin doesn't buy them.


 Sending a starwood package to your spider city character

You can send ONLY the items that [Hamon] sells to your character in spider city that has to be online using this formula [!send package,playername] but first you will need to buy that starwood package from Hamon and put the items you would like to send in it, if this package contains any others backpacks or items that Hamon doesn't sell, it won't work.


Fly back to Spider city changes

Golden Outfit

We have added the golden outfit to the outfit room without the need to complete all the normal outfit and all retros. 

Golden Outfit Requirements

• 1x (full) golden outfit display (Roger Task)
• 1x golden mask looted from >Jaul<
• 150x golden claws looted from >Deepling Guards<
• 800x spider coins
• 8000x premium points

How to get the full golden outfit display?

When you talk with King Roger after completing the imperial set quest, you will be asked to get a golden outfit ready for Albert, if you managed to do that, you will get the full golden outfit display, let's understand more how it will work. 


When you visit Roger and agree on completing the golden outfit for Albert, you will be able to use these golden statues behind him, on using each statue it will give you a list of items you need to bring and come back to use the statue so that this part gets ready for Albert, till you complete the whole outfit for Albert, you will get at the end the full golden outfit display that is needed to complete the golden outfit for yourself. 

Animations to outfits/mounts 

Before applying animations 


After applying animations



Daily task rewards 

We have replaced some of the old rare rewards with new ones

SpiderStore changes 

We will be adding a new outfit to the store [Dream warrior outfit], we will also be running a special sale on some stuff in the store, So get some spider coins ready.


Death Badge 

If you bought any death badge and you killed someone, it will be broadcasted on a new #deaths channel on our discord server, just like that,




New limited edition item 

• We are introducing a new limited edition 3 day double loot rate medal for 3500 premium points that can't be paused, This medal doesnt work on (bosses,banebeasts) but still work on mini bosses that are in hunt area.


• It's important to understand that this medal double your loot "rate" but doesn't double the loot itself, it just doubles your chance of looting something, so dont expect ending up looting EXACTLY twice the loot you always get, it might be less.

• We will be bringing back the old limited edition items (without the surprise box)  for a slightly higher price than usual.

• SpiderShop will be offering 10% bonus on points after implementing this patch and this offer will stay for only 1 day.

• All the limited edition items will be added to the in-game SpiderStore, expect them to be added after a short while of adding this patch, and they will be removed in 2-3 days.


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Nice, Starwood will be great :^) Good work Mido & Mina!
Posted on: 2019-08-02 22:30:50 by Death