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SpiderOT 10th Anniversary

SpiderOT 10th Anniversary!


Anniversary Raid

 The raid will be on this Friday a 1 or 2 hours earlier than we used to start the mini raids, the raid will be with the same system as last year, where you have to play most of the raid to be able to open the final chest, that gives the new Breezy Garb outfit plus a small reward bag.

As usual, top 10 killers in the Anniversary raid will receive bonus rewards


PVP Event 

The PVP event will be based on the 4 zones located [north,east,south and west] of temple just same as last year, your task is to control these zones for the longest time possible, The guildowner of the winning guild will choose 3 members of his team, beside him to get the unique rewards, the rewards will come with a name/description of your choice, and if you chose a medal it will come with this effect, 

• We will keep in touch with top guilds before starting, so that none misses anything, The pvp event will be for 2 or 3 days for 3~ hours probably.

We've added two commands to check the top 3 guilds (!pvp top)  in terms of controlling time also to check your own guild controlling time (!pvp time)

PVE Event 

If you aren't really willing to PVP then this event might be yours! When the anniversary celebrations start, every single damage dealt to monsters that have health points above 1m and lower than 900m will be counted,  the player with most damage dealt against monsters will win a unique reward that comes with a special name and description of his chose.

Available Commands:

!pve top , to check top damage dealers.

!pve damage , to check your own damage keeping in mind that it doesn't update instantly.

Other Changes 

•  Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 4 hours and a teleport will be created in temple leading to it's destination.

•  Everyone will get an access to the !teleport command during the celebrations.

•  Increased the reward of the events to 40 spider coins & 2 hour legendary time for CTF event.

• Infinite charges only (runes are still finite)

• Finishing Dungeons will give double levels.

• Double loot rate starting at 12:00 till 18:00 daily.

•  You will not lose levels if you got killed by a player, but you will lose levels if you got killed by a monster and your level is above 450k, Otherwise if you are below that level you not will lose any levels.



Posted on: 2019-08-08 05:27:08



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