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Patch #13

Patch #13 Changes 

Anubis City! 


What are the contents of Anubis city that makes it more unique than any other city?

  New solo hunting monster [Bragrumol]


• Bragrumol gives twice exp of Metal Gargoyle but it's slightly stronger.

• Bragrumol is mainly created to drop charming energies and it's purpose will be explained.

New challenging boss [King Anubis] 


• King Anubis has a strategy to avoid death from him, similar to Thundergiant boss but what makes it different that others can't help you to avoid death and you will need to help yourself.

• King Anubis gives decent [EXP + loot], and here is completed loot list of King Anubis


• The rarest item out of those is the Sphinx mask followed by brocade tapestry while the Anubis Gold and charming energy are guaranteed loot.

What is the Sphinx mask?

 Sphinx mask gives a random unowned sphinx mount out of the 3 ones, till you own the 3 mounts.

Gold Sphinx


Shadow Sphinx


Emerald Sphinx


How to get an access to reach King Anubis?

• When you succeed to find the location of King Anubis, you will not succeed to pass it's door unless you purchase an anubis key!


• If you already own an anubis key, all you need to do is to use the anubis key infront of the hyaena statue and it will be removed, just like that


• Once King Anubis is killed, the statue will be added back within few minutes.

Anubis tombs of fortune!

• While hunting the new bragrumol monster, you will find multiple tombs of fortune are distributed among the whole area.


• That's exactly why the charming energy was created and can be dropped by both {Bragrumol + King Anubis}, It's purpose to energize the tomb of fortune and spawn an anubis cart near the energized tomb.

• When the anubis cart is spawned, it will directly head to that energized tomb of fortune and if you failed to kill that cart you will just lose your charming energy without any benefit.

• If you were fast enough to kill the anubis cart, some assassins will be spawned and their power depends on the cart type

Anubis Cart types!

Anubis Cart comes in 3 levels 


 • The target is to kill the spawned monsters then you will be able to use the dropped anubis fortune that randomly gives anubis gold to killers as the same exact way of getting stones from Thundergiant boss, so even if you are a solo player and you don't have a party, you can still help others because you have a chance to get an anubis gold.

 • The white skull cart is targeted to a solo high level player or 2 players might have a chance to get it killed before the timer ends and ofcourse it's pretty easy for 2 players +

 • The red skull cart is harder and it will be very hard to kill them solo before the timer ends.

 • The black skull cart is the hardest and Gaffir is considered as a small boss.

• If you are not sure enough that your team has enough power to kill the spawned monsters before the timer ends, don't risk losing your charming energy.

 • The spawned monsters are all quite easy but the hard part is to kill them before the timer ends and blocking them all at once.

• These monsters give decent {EXP + Loot}

  • Both of {Cobra Scout + Cobra Assassin} might drop gryphon claws and it's not that rare, one hundred of those claws gives the Gryphon mount. 


• Gaffir has quite rare chance to drop cobra crests and one hundred of those gives the Cobra Assassin outfit

and a very rare chance to drop  an anubis key.

Anubis Servant NPC

• As it might be clear that the purpose behind tombs of fortune is to farm anubis gold that is the only currency that Anubis Servant accepts for the offered content.


• Assassin mask is the most expensive item and it gives the Tomb Assassin outfit



• Cerberus coat gives the Cerberus Champion mount.


• Anubis Servant also sells the anubis key that you will need to remove the hyaena statue and face King Anubis.

• Anubis Servant content will be updated in the future for another new content.

 Anubis Houses

As we believe that owning a house there shouldn't be that simple and just everyone rushes to buy the houses without the need of it, the pricing of the houses will be different for this city and it will be expensive.



 Grey Raven,  White Raven and Black Raven are added to SpiderStore.

 Back to Starwood! 

New Hydra spawn


New Behemoths spawn


Varkhal has just arrived to Starwood! 

Hamon is now selling void coats, one hundred of them gives the void master outfit! 


Both of Starwood house #1 and Starwood house #2 are ready to be sold for a fixed price of 300 GBs for #1 and 500 GBs for #2, message an admin at anytime to get the deal done.

 Time for exploration of the new content!

   Limited edition items 

• We will be bringing back the old limited edition items for slightly higher price.

• The limited edition double loot medal will cost 3000 points instead of 3500 (Still only works on normal monsters)

• SpiderShop will be offering >15%< bonus points after implementing this patch and this offer will stay for only 1 day.

• All the limited edition items will be added to the in-game SpiderStore, expect them to be added right after we restart.


Posted on: 2019-11-30 08:09:39



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