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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Changes

- The Snowman boss will be spawned in warzone every 4 hours and it drops valuable loot plus a snowman heart that gives Arctic Unicron mount.

- Santa Claus is back with his gifts and task that will reward you with tokens of fortune when you complete it, The task is to help him to distribute this year rewards by dropping a gift bag infront of the doors of 10 houses that will be given for you in a list when you start this task, you can repeat this task as much as you can, and everytime you finish it, you will receive a new token of fortune.

-  Fortune Master is back with brand new items beside the old ones.

- All bosses will now drop christmas tokens (won't drop gift bags), and while hunting any monster there is a probability to receive christmas token OR gift bag, The gift bags are needed to be able to perform Santa's little task, So you will need to collect as much as you can to be able to complete alot of tasks.

- Daily double loot rate for 3 hours.

- If you finished an extra mission during christmas patch, you will receive a rare doll.

- Death stick and weapon's charges will be infinite (doesn't work against monsters)

- Legendary medal will give 4 days instead of 3 while VIP Scroll will give 35 days instead of 30 if you are below 500k.

- Everyone will be able to use the !teleport command.

- Starwood will be having a 30% bonus EXP!


Limited edition items will be back in the in-game store at any random time starting from now and will stay for only 1 day.

 During christmas only, on completing spidershop 125$ deal, you will receive 50 tokens of fortune! 


Posted on: 2019-12-23 13:00:39



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