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Happy 11th Anniversary!


Happy SpiderOT 11th Anniversary!

Introduction of Team Dungeon System

We have decided to make dungeon points have a major impact on the game and a real purpose to farm them, we are introducing team dungeon system that is mainly based on consuming your dungeon points to either create a team dungeon room or join a previously created one, let's explain how the team dungeon system works and what is the purpose of even putting the effort in.

Team Dungeon Icon 

The icon showed in the previous picture fully controls the new team dungeon system depending on either you want to create a new  team dungeon room or join a created one or even show information about the room you already joined.

Team Dungeon Available Rooms
When you press the team dungeon icon for the first time in order to join a room or either create one, the following window will appear, as you can see there is a list of all the available team dungeons rooms that you can join, upon selecting any of them the room information appears below if it suits you, you can join the room by pressing "Join Room"

[NOTE]: Joining any room with whatever room settings are, always costs a fixed price

?Team Dungeon Create a Room
You can also create your own room with the settings you desire by pressing "New Room" button, the following window will appear, the room settings determines the cost, let's explain those settings.

[Easy Room]: Select Room Difficulty to 1
[Moderate Room]: Select Room Difficulty to 2
[Hard Room]: Select Room Difficulty to 3

Free Revive

The free revive is selected by the room creator and it determines how many revives each player that have joined the room will get upon dying in the room, the more free revives you choose the higher the cost is, your selection of the free revive has to be wise depending on the room difficulty, because if you selected a very few revives, you might not be able to clear the team dungeon room and if you selected too many revives that you won't probably need, you will be just increasing the cost.

[NOTE]: As a room creator you need to select the best settings to keep your members alive most of the time, otherwise you will fail in clearing the whole team dungeon room and lose your whole room payment.

Self Revive

Beside the free revives you decide as a room creator, you can also determine how many  minimum "self revives" the team members should have before joining your room, the self revive is bought by EACH player indvidiually from SpiderStore using spider coins.
So total amount of revives for each members = Free Revive determined by leader + Self revives each member owns 
The higher the number of total revives is, the higher probability for each member to survive till the end so it's always better to have some extra self revives than the minimum number selected by room creator.

Team Specs + Timer

As a room creator you need to form a decent team that you believe you will be able to survive till the end with, by setting a minimum level required and number of members you need, because as the amount of members increases the cost also increases.

The timer shows when the team dungeon room is about to start so you will always have to stick your eyes to this timer not to miss joining a one you already paid for.

? Team Dungeon Current Room
After the room was created and members joined, the following window appears and still showing room informtion below, with a timer that shows to everyone when the team dungeon is going to start, the room creator has the authority to kick any member that he doesn't believe he will be good addition to the team, and if that happened the kicked member is refunded back the cost of joining the dungeon room.

[NOTE]: Kicking a member out should be your last option because as a room creator your main target is to build a strong team to survive till the end.
?Team Dungeon General Info

When the timer ends every team member will receive a warning message to head to temple 2nd floor as an indication that you are ready to be teleported to the team dungeon room, failing to show up at 2nd floor of temple at the start time of the room will result in losing the paid dungeon points either for the creator or the member.

If you are already in 2nd floor of temple but the team dungeon room couldn't start for any reason either the team wasn't completed or any other reason, everyone staying in 2nd floor of temple will get refunded and the room will not start.

The team dungeon room map is selected randomly between 2 maps, it will be hard to complete them successfully at the beginning because you will not be expecting what monster is coming next, but by the time you will get used to room difficulty.

Dying in the team dungeon room is just like any normal death by a monster, you will lose your blessing.

When the room is started the creator can no longer kick any member out, so filter your list wisely before the room starts.

??[NOTE]: Team dungeon room can still start if only 70% of the maximum players you selected had joined the room. 


? Team Dungeon first possible map

?Team Dungeon second possible map

[NOTE]: The maximum allowed time to clear the whole room is 2 hours for both maps, but generally the faster you finish the better, you will understand more below!

Introduction of Spider Ranked System

We are introducing a ranked system to SpiderOT and a special icon to show your rank progress, let's see how it works!

Ranked System Tiers

1- Commander

2- Conqueror

3- Master

4- Immortal

5- Warchief

 6- Emperor


<There are six main tiers, each tier has 3 divisons (I,II,III) after you complete the 3 divisons you get promoted to the next tier.

Rank Progress Tracking


When you complete a whole tier, you will get the rewards shown in those 3 boxes, we have decided not to reveal the rewards of completing each tier not to ruin the excitation.

Season Period

When players start to hit the top rank, we will set a date at which the season will end, when the season ends, all ranks will reset and the rewards are changed, we have no estimations on how long the season will take because it will totally depend on how long it will take you to hit the top rank.

Ranking up

Each player's rank will be shown when someone looks at you right below your level, right after the server restarts everyone will be "Unranked", and to get placed into the first tier you have to do one of the things that raises your rank, let's take a look into them!

Team Dungeon

Finishing a team dungeon room is considered as the fastest thing that raises your rank and even the "Difficulty" of the room is a factor, the hardest one massively boosts your rank

The time you manage to clear the team dungeon room also determines how high your rank will raise, for example the maximum time to finish the team dungeon room is two hours, if you managed to finish it in only 1 hour, you will get 50% more rank points and it decreases as you get  close to the max time.

The creator of the team dungeon room gets slightly more rank points than other members.

Team Hunt

We have decided to create a new purpose for the team hunt beside the EXP/Loot  which means any monster that requires a team hunt are able to raise your rank upon killing them.

Grovebeasts [Very slow progress]

Banebeasts [Slow progress]

The 16 bosses in "bosses TP" tile [Moderate progress]

[NOTE]: You don't get any rank points during raids

[NOTE]: The rate of ranking up is not final, we might slightly change it depending on what we believe will make it balanced.


?To get placed into the first tier which is [Commander] you will need to do any of the stuff mentioned above.


We have thought about a new PVP event that we could run either in a celebration like the anniversary or from week to week generally that doesn't depend on teams or even kills, so let's explain how the new PVP event works.

PVP Event Start

This event starts based on previous announcements just as mini raid or anything else, when the event starts a flame spawns in temple and starts evolving by moving to a random destination and your task is to track the evolving flame without dying or getting trapped or lose the track that the flame is taking

Flames Collection

After the evolving flame keep moving in the random track in spider city, it will stop at a random position? changing it's effect and starting a count down, if you stood on this flame when the counter is at [2] dropping to [1], you will collect the evolving flame and it will be added to your score.

The event is only based on tracking the flame, trapping/killing enemies to make them lose the flame also you can't use a magic wall on the flame when the count down starts but you can still make magic walls around it to protect yourself.

Score check and first try out

We have added a command to check the players with top flames collected [!flames top]

Our first try out for this event will be for 11th Anniversary Celebration, where we will be rewarding the whole top 20 flames collectors with the following mount

Rank #1 & #2 Reward

Beside getting the mount above, you will get a unique item that can have a custom name/description that comes with the following effect.

[NOTE]: All the details of when we will start, how long it will take and everything will be announced in-game.

War Character

We do understand that one of the main problems in SpiderOT is that it requires you ages to build yourself and be able to compete with other high level and complete set players, you might even sometimes start playing the server for months and have never tried pvping with a decent character that could make a balanced war.

If you are a someone that gets bored quickly from farming stuff to get the best equipment, but you have the skills to dominate, let's introduce the war character and see how it works!

War Character General Info

You can't remove any of the items on the war character to anywhere.

War characters can't enter most of the teleports in temple.

War characters can't gain exp/skills.

War characters don't lose levels upon death.

War character has all the important spells.

If you have a war character and killed another normal character he doesn't lose his blessing.

War characters can get updated either in (exp, items or skills) when we decide it's needed.

SpiderStaff controls when you are able to use a war character, when you are allowed to use it, you will normally find the character in your character list, otherwise it will be hidden.

War character can be deleted at anytime if we decided to update it and you will just have to re-create a new char.

War Character In Anniversary

For SpiderOT 11th Anniversary, we will be allowing the usage of war character during all the days of celebrations which means you can join the new PVP event with a war character and if you won it, the reward will be given to your main character.
War Character After Anniversary

As we mentioned above that the PvP event is not only made for anniversary, the same goes for the war character, whenever we run the new pvp event above, we will allow the usage of the war characters? and even without the pvp event we can use it at anytime we want


Daily Task Items Update

We have removed some of the old rare items permenantly as they already took their time and have added brand new ones.

New Outfit to Anubis Servant NPC

Dragon Slayer Outfit


SpiderStore New Content

Owlkeeper Outfit


Coral Rhea Mount

Eventide Nandu Mount


Savanna Ostrich Mount


RGB Name

Added RGB effect to your name, you will get free 3 days of RGB name when you get promoted to a new Tier in the ranked system.

We are also pleased to give a free 30 days of RGB name to our best helper [Home Del Garrot], Congratulations!

Game Balance Edits

 Increased banebeasts loot, king anubis loot, improved king anubis chest and nerfed anubis cart monsters with increased loot.

 Increased fishing task reward, let's give an example by numbers, for a 15,000 fishing points task you can get one of those rewards,

5375x Death Runes or Crystalline Gems

6250x Soul Tokens

25x Spiritual Tokens?

9x Memory Tokens

12x Bloodrage or Mirage potions

 Removed the 4 rare items needed for the retros and slightly decreased the items needed for the golden outfit

 Gaz'haragoth boss is buffed 

 You can't transfer premium points unless you have more than 5000 premium points.

 Bloodlust amulet can now detect golden bars which means you no longer need to keep converting bars to ingots to get blessing

 Starting from 525k, spiritual blessing cost is increased , added a cooldown on using spiritual tokens if you are using the spiritual tokens individually without the amulet the cooldown will be 6 hours, if the token was taken by the amulet the cooldown will be 3 hours, and the purpose of this change is to balance ingame economy.

Anniversary Special Edits

Anniversary Raid

As usual, you will have to play most of the raid to be able to open the chest at the end of the raid, and also we will have bonus rewards for top 10 killers in the raid, we will announce in-game about the exact date of the raid to be suitable for everyone.

PVE Event 

When the anniversary celebrations start, every single damage dealt to monsters that have health points above 1m and lower than 900m will be counted,  the top 20 players with most damage dealt against monsters will get the same exact reward which is spectral horse mount

Available Commands

!pve top, to check top damage dealers.

!pve damage, to check your own damage keeping in mind that it doesn't update instantly.

Daily Task Special Rewards 

During the 11th Anniversary, after you complete the whole daily task for 5 times you receive one of two special rewards, so if you want to get more than one doll don't miss a single day without finishing the daily task!

Sight of surrender's plushie


Plushie of a hydra

Other special edits for 11th Anniversary

•  Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 4 hours and a teleport will be created in temple leading to it's destination.

•  Everyone will get an access to the !teleport command during the celebrations.

• Infinite charges only (runes are still finite)

• Finishing Dungeons will give double levels.

• Double loot rate starting at 12:00 till 18:00 daily.  

•  You will not lose levels if you got killed by a player, but you will lose levels if you got killed by a monster and your level is above 450k, Otherwise if you are below that level you not will lose any levels.

Account Sharing Reminder

 We are just reminding you guys that gifting an account is forbidden, so if you sold your account or gifted it under the umbrella of "hey im only sharing with my cousin", the account will be locked or deleted if the real owner isn't active on the character.

Limited Edition Items

Limted edition items were introduced many times with almost every patch and ever since we added the transfer points command, people are farming blindly premium points in order to get as much as possible of limited items that they don't even need just only to make a good profit out of them by selling it at anytime they decides to when it's removed from the store, killing the concept of these items, so we have decided to make some changes to balance everything without affecting the players that still didn't get any limited edition items or new to the server.

Massively increased the prices of the 3x limited edition items (collector, tp and memory box) to be with an equal price of 17500 premium points from SpiderStore to get it when you really need it (not under the purpose of "Trading")?

Introducing another way to get the limited edition items with the old prices

For those who are new to the server or didn't buy a specific limited edition item before, we decided to add the limited edition items on the website in the "Buy Points" page with the old prices and a direct usage of the limited edition item upon buying, which means whenever you complete the transcation the limited edition item you bought will be directly activated without receiving any item to your backpack.

SpiderShop Offer

SpiderShop will give 15% bonus points for 3 days!?

Report Bugs

If you found any bug please report it using (ctrl+Z) , any kind of bug abusing will result to deletion, and most of time we reward bug reporters.



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