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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

In this Christmas, we have added some permanent changes and others are temporary that will stay only throughout christmas celebrations, so let's get started and see what we got there!


Arcane and Necromancy Sets

We felt that time has come to add new sets that are linked to Starwood, we tried as much as we can to think of an idea that is away from looting or the strong need of a team to get the mission done, but also we had to make sure it will take sometime to obtain the new set so that it become more valued than mirage/bloodrage sets.

 How to get started?

First off, you will need to buy the desired set (from NPC Hamon in Starwood) that you would like to send to Spider city, arcane set is for both sorcerers/druids while the necromancy set is for paladins/knights, each set piece costs 25 CC

Once you purchase a piece and try to send it to Spider city using the transfer command, it will not let you send it unless the piece is ready to be sent!

Starwood Tasks 

First, you will need to complete a series of ordered hunting list that appears right after you use any of the set pieces that you desire to send to Spider city.

You will need to kill each monster required with the needed count in the mentioned order, if you killed any other monster even if it was mentioned in the list but monster's turn did not come, it will not count, everytime you manage to finish this list, your progress will increase by 1%, when your progress reaches 100%, this set piece will be ready to be sent to Spider city using the transfer command.


Each starwood character can only get one set ready to be sent to spider city, and can only send 5 pieces to spider city, so for example if you completed an arcane set using your starwood character, you will not be able to complete either another set or even necromancy set.

Spider Character Eligiblity Points

Similarly, spider characters are required to finish a task to be able to receive a ready set piece from Starwood, so how to get started with spider city task?

You will need to purchase a skyfall book from Anubis Servant for 50 anubis gold, upon using this book you will be given a list of ordered monsters ending up with a boss, similarly when your progress reaches 100% you will be able to receive 1 piece of the set from starwood, each spider character can only receive 5 set pieces from starwood.

Monsters Count

As we have mentioned, you will need to kill the monsters in the order mentioned in the given list, and in order to get the monster count upon killing it, you will also need to do the most damage to that killed monster, unless it's a boss where participating in the killing the boss will be enough to get it's count

New Sets Unique buffs

The new sets are exactly same as the mirage/bloodrage sets (with the olds buffs too) with slightly higher hp/mana regeneration including to that, the new unique buff for each vocation that gets activated upon using any piece of a complete equipped set.

The four new buffs are designed in a way to counter each other and since they are not automatically casted and it will require you to use a piece to get it activated, the player with the better timing in using it can counter the opposite vocation.

Sorcerer Buff 

Upon using any set piece when the set is fully equipped, you will become totally invisible for 4 seconds against either monsters or players, you will even be unaffected by spells made by players but still affected by spells made by monsters, the purpose of this buff is to escape from any situation which means if you targeted a player or monster during invisiblity you will become instantly back visible.

Knight Buff

Upon using any set piece when the set is fully equipped, you will become totally immune to any damage either coming from players or monsters for 3 seconds.

Druid Buff

Upon using any set piece when the set is fully equipped, you will instantly get full HP/Mana so that you get better tanking capability

Paladin Buff

Upon using any set piece when the set is fully equipped, the critical chance is 100% for 4 seconds but healing will be reduced by 40%.

Cost and Cooldown

Activating any of the previous buffs costs 10 soul tokens in pvp area and 20 soul tokens in non-pvp area and they have 60 seconds cooldown, all of that is subjected to slight changes if we felt we need to bring more balance. 

Other Changes

- Added new one handed sword/club/axe that are better than the existing ones to Ashin

- Added strong mana/health potion to Fred.

- Added starlight amulet to NPC Fred that makes you lose way less EXP upon death.

- Balanced all distance weapons starting from spears to assassin stars and decreased the chance of breaking, made them lighter in weight and added a new spell to create hunting spears.

- Increased the loot of Behemoths and Hydras

- Added great light spell to starwood

- Adori min vis spell will now consume more mana to conjure more runes for faster rune conjuring

- Legendary medal will now give days based on level to re-balance in-game economy, as follow

0-450k = 5 days

450k-525k = 3 days

525k-575k = 2 days

575k+ = 1 day

- Slightly buffed [Omnivora, Spidris , Razorseeker , Deathstrike and Gaz'haragoth boss]

- Soul points cap is increased to 10k

- Increased events rewards to 4 golden bar and increased legendary time given from CTF event from 1 hour to 3 hours of legendary time.

Special Temporary Changes for Christmas

 - Free access to all limited edition items (autoloot - pause command - teleport scroll)

- Daily double loot for 8 hours. 

- Pause command cooldown is only 3 hours 

- The Snowman boss will be spawned in warzone every 4 hours and it drops valuable loot plus a snowman heart that gives Arctic Unicron mount, when the snowman dies there is a random chance that one of the killers can get one of the new Mammoth mounts, once you receive any of them, you can no longer get another one so that they remain kind of unique.

- Santa Claus is back with his gifts and task that will reward you with tokens of fortune when you complete it, The task is to help him to distribute this year rewards by dropping a gift bag infront of the doors of 10 houses that will be given for you in a list when you start this task, you can repeat this task as much as you can, and everytime you finish it, you will receive a new token of fortune.

- The owl mounts are now added to Santa Claus. 

-  Fortune Master is back with brand new items beside the old ones with the most shining new item "snowman ferumbras doll" that is very expensive so that it can be owned by only few players.

- All bosses will now drop christmas tokens (won't drop gift bags), and while hunting any monster there is a probability to receive christmas token OR gift bag, The gift bags are needed to be able to perform Santa's little task, So you will need to collect as much as you can to be able to complete alot of tasks.

- You will get double levels when you finish dungeons.

- If you managed to finish daily task for 5 times during the anniversary, you will receive a Raccoon santa

-Every 6 hours a random active player will be picked and gifted with the new Merry Garb Outfit  that is just released 3 days ago, the first one that will get the new outfit (+30 days of RGB Name) will be our best helper! 

- Starwood will be having a 30% bonus EXP with the presence of some training monks outside of the depot.

Spider Houses 

 Starting from now on, we will start taking any house with an inactive owner for more than 1 month, but for good houses near temple even if the inactive owner relogs to refresh the login date,  we will still take this house no matter what the login date is.

If you are inactive owner and your house was taken and items were lost, we are no longer responsible on recovering them. 


SpiderShop will be gifting 30% bonus points for 24 hours after starting the server.

Limited edition items will be back on the website only during christmas celebrations for special prices.


Posted on: 2020-12-25 11:03:36



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